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Fruitport District Library

Curbside Pick-up

Information on no-contact book borrowing.

1. Fill out our online form or call 231-366-6107 to request materials. 

Visit our online catalog to search for available items. If you're calling, have your library card ready.

2. Come to the library and pull into the library driveway.

One car at a time, please.

3. Call 231-366-6107 from your car to let us know you're here. Have your library card ready.

No need to write our phone number down - it's on your library card, and will be posted by the back door.

4. A librarian will bring out your materials.

To provide contactless service, please wait for the librarian to reenter the library before getting out of your vehicle. Your books will be placed in a plastic bin at the bottom of the back, outside stairs by the shed. If you have returns, please place them in the outside metal book drop.