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Fruitport District Library

Book Drop - Updated Hours

Book Drop - Updated Hours


We have new hours for our book drop! Please keep these in mind when you’re ready to drop off materials.

  • Mon: 9-6
  • Wed: 9 – 8
  • Thurs: 2 – 6
  • Fri: 9 – 8
  • Sat: 9 – 2

The reasoning behind these hours is a combination of time and space. Before, we were able to handle returns as they came in. Now, however, all returned items must be cleaned and placed in a four-day quarantine. This requires staff and volunteer time to gather materials, sterilize them, and, after the quarantine period, check them in and return them to their places on the shelves or to other libraries. As this involves going between the main floor and the basement, this is best done outside of open library hours. It also must be managed alongside other library duties, particularly receiving our book deliveries from other libraries three times a week to fulfill holds.

On top of this, there is only so much room in the basement for us to set up our quarantine space. For the best results, items must be placed side-by-side, so we can’t save space by stacking materials.

We understand your frustration, and have worked to expand these hours to include options during nights and weekends. As always, you are also welcome to return books to any participating Lakeland Library in the area. Remember that, due to the quarantine period, returned items will continue to show up on your account for up to a week after being returned. All fines have been suspended through October 31, so you will not be penalized for this time.