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Fruitport District Library

Fruitport Library Goes Fines Free for Youth Materials!

As of September 3, 2019, Fruitport District Library will no longer be charging overdue fines on all children's and young adult items.
Fruitport Library Goes Fines Free for Youth Materials!

School has started.  This means that it is time to get the kids reading after a long summer of play.  Although the schools provided a lot of great books for the kids to read, they sometimes want something different.  So, you come to the library—only to find out that you or your child owes some fines for books or movies they checked out that were returned late, or were not returned at all.

 We have all been in this situation.  It is embarrassing to find out that you owe money to the library.  Just last year, my family owed money for a lost book.  I have been in your shoes.  Many people are so embarrassed that they hardly return to the library—and some do not return books at all.  Some owe too much money to check out a book.  This impacts families with tight incomes, in particular.  And so, unfortunately, money becomes a barrier between children and teens, and the books they would read.

 In an effort to remove this barrier, we are proud to announce that the Fruitport District Library is no longer charging late fines for our children’s and teen books that were checked out after September 3.  No more embarrassment over returning your child’s Nancy Drew book late.  No more trying to scrounge up a few cents for a teen comic that was returned passed the due date.  More importantly, no more telling your child that the picture book he or she picked out will have to wait, because the last 15 books they took home were brought back five days late.

 We appreciate all that you do for your children—the long hours at work; the time you put into preparing dinner; the quality time you take for them.  We know how important it is to you that your children continue to read, especially after school ends for the summer.  This is one way we want to help you improve your child’s or teen’s reading skills, and to make life a little easier.

 --Adam DeWitt, Library Director

Note: Patrons will still be responsible for all existing fines and for any billed items. This applies only to Fruitport youth items. Items from other libraries may still accrue fines.